A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the most overlooked Tools in any entrepreneurs arsenal.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is the process of continually testing 2 versions of your website’s pages or your advertising methods against each other. Then, taking the “winner” of the two and testing it again against a new version of a page or advertising method with the goal of constantly improving the results.

Whether you are testing two versions of the landing page against each other or testing to adwords ads Against each other or two sales frunnels against each other, hey B testing allows you to know for sure which customer acquisition method is working the best.

By continually gathering this information and acting upon it business owners entrepreneurs are able to incrementally improve their conversion rates leading to more customers and more qualified and quality customers.

Additionally continual A/B testing leads to less advertising spend allowing You to apply those savings funds towards more advertising or other business scaling techniques/methods.

Reasons to A/B Test

According to this article on MightCall.com there are a number of reasons to A/B test pages or advertising methods against one another. One of the primary reasons a person would do this

Here are a few of the reasons A/B testing is important.

Improved Content Engagement

By A/B testing you get a strong sense of what content works and doesn’t work. By improving your content or advertising you will likely improve the level of engagement you receive on your content.

Reduced Bounce Rates

By improving the quality of your content or advertising you will also improve your bounce rate. Bounce rates are measured by determining whether visitors instantly leave (bounce) or stick around long enough to consume your content, or click through.

Increased Conversion Rates

With A/B testing, you can test and improve everything that leads to a conversion including button clicks, adds to cart, checkouts, abandoned carts, etc. Sometimes even a simple button color change can improve the number of cart additions you have. A/B testing is just that potent.

How Does Dedicated Office Solutions Help you A/B Test?

It has always been difficult to A/B test with phone numbers. Emails are easy to test because you can use a contact form which allows for A/B testing on a website. However, most businesses only have one phone number making multiple tests difficult.

At Dedicated, we can help you by using a number of different 800 phone numbers. For instance, you could use one phone number for one landing page and another phone number for another landing page. We will help you by properly reporting the results so you can test and improve your marketing methods as they relate to phone calls whether they be pages, ads or advertisements

Let us help you ensure that you always have this critical data so you can make the right decisions that will grow your business faster and more efficiently.