Appointment Setting

One of the strongest benefits our Dedicated Office provides is our appointment setting service. Our team of experts are uniquely able to seamlessly answer your calls and set your appointments for you allowing you to focus ON your business instead of working IN your business.

We Set Appointments For YOU

As with any of our services, our appointment setting experts will work to fully understand your business and using pre-made templates will get every piece of relevant information from the caller that is needed to not only qualify them, but also schedule their appointment with you.

Imagine you or your sales team waking up to a day of scheduled appointments already there for you to tackle with all the information details you need to do your job and close that sale efficiently.

We Utilize YOUR Systems

When you allow dedicated office to manage your appointments our team will use your software of choice. We will log in to your system as you like, logging each appointment according to your preferences. Want to be alerted two days before your appointment? No problem. Want to send certain types of customers to certain sales agents? No problem.

At dedicated office, we work within the confines of your business rather than pushing you to work within The confines of ours.

Why Use an Answering Service for Appointments?

  • Improved Customer Service

    You will be amazed at the way our virtual receptionists will care for your clientele. When people call you, they won’t have to be sent to voicemail or wait on the line. Calls will be answered in a timely manner and handled with professionalism and service.

  • MORE Appointments

    You will find that when our team takes over you will be scheduling MORE appointments than ever. This is partially because scheduling appointments is all we do. We know how to close a phone call and get an appointment on the books. However, now that calls and appointments are taken care of, you can spend more time working on your business, building relationships and driving sales.

  • Provide Quality Information FAST

    While there is some benefit in a principal answering the phone and talking directly with customers or clients, there is more benefit in having our team of dedicated virtual receptionists manage your calls and talk to your clients. Because we work so hard to be ONE with your business we do everything possible to deliver the right information FAST, so your clients feel just like they are talking to a principal at your company.

At dedicated office, we work within the confines of your business rather than pushing you to work within The confines of ours.

If you are ready to work with our team of appointment making specialists, contact us below.