Campaign Tracking

A recent study showed that 70% Google advertising campaigns were not utilizing campaign tracking to fully understand performance. While over 4 million businesses utilize Google for their advertising purposes, only a small fraction of those advertisers are tracking the results of their spend.

Unfortunately, this lack of tracking is prevalent throughout most businesses and most business processes. If something “seems” to be working, most business owners just accept that it is “good enough” without understanding that with proper tracking they might be able to turn a 5% conversion rate into a 20% conversion rate.

How Campaign Tracking Will Help Your Business

Here is an example as it relates to our answering service. What if you use Google advertising, Facebook advertising, SEO and referrals to bring in new clients. Every day you get 30 calls, but you don’t know where they are coming from? What if you are paying $5,000 to Google each month for advertising, but in reality most of your calls are coming from Facebook or SEO? Without campaign tracking, you will have no idea where your calls are ACTUALLY coming from.

Without proper tracking, it is impossible to know what is working and what is failing.

Proper campaign tracking is crucial for any type of advertising or marketing goal.

Whether you are tracking traffic to your website calls to your business advertising campaigns through Facebook or Google it is utterly critical each campaign you run as a business is being fully tracked and managed.

Simply put, this is the only way to understand whether or not something is working and making you money or not working and wasting your money.

So Many Phone Numbers…

Dedicated office we are able to issue as many 800 numbers or local numbers as you need to properly track all of your campaigns.

This means you could use one phone number to track people calling from your Facebook advertisement and one phone number for people calling from specific google advertisements and another number for people calling from your website.

Each of these numbers will of course forward to The dedicated office virtual receptionist handling your account. Our receptionists will know where the call came from and will notate it in your call notes so you know exactly where your calls are coming from.

This gives you all the power you need to understand which marketing and advertising efforts are actually bringing you quality results and which efforts are either doing nothing for you or bringing you unqualified results.

This is just another one of the many powerful ways that dedicated office solutions can help improve your bottom line.