Competitor Research

At Dedicated Office, we don’t just answer phones. We are team a virtual receptionists who can help you keep an eye on your competition with competitor research!

Understanding what your competition is doing to move your company ahead can help you prepare for future events as well as keep you abreast of the ways your competition is emulating you and your processes.

This type of research can be as general as examining new product launches, features or sales or as specific as analyzing things like ad words or Facebook advertisements.

Here are a number of reasons to do competitor research on your competitors.

Benefits of Competitive Research

Ongoing competitive research can provide the following benefits:

  • It helps you understand better and unique ways to take care of your customers.

  • It helps you understand why your competitors might be doing better with SEO than you are.

  • It allows you to use information to find new opportunities.

  • It helps you to utilize those new opportunities to acquire new customers.

  • It helps you find out where and how others are talking about your company in order to build relationships with them.

  • It can alert you to the kind of content you should be creating to represent your brand.

  • It can help you find new strategies for serving your clientele.

Know Without Knowing

What do we mean by this? Obsessing about your competition is never good. It can be a major distraction for any business owner. Over-obsessing with One’s competition can distract from critical business tasks and can even derail you away from your goals or primary mission. Our skills at competitor research can help you understand the critical goings-on with your competitors while protecting you from information that could simply derail you.

However, having a virtual receptionist do this research for you and report back to you in a way that will help you understand what your competition is doing and working on while keeping you from going down an on healthy rabbit hole.