Custom Call Answering

When you utilize dedicated office to manage your answering service you get more than just hourly employees taking messages for you. We are very unique and that our team does everything we can to become an avatar for your team.

Whether you need orders taken messages relayed leads qualified or appointments scheduled our representatives well not just know the name of your business they will know your business.

We go through training for each client we work with so that each of our representatives working on your account will understand the pain points specific to your industry.

  • Increases Trust

    When people call in to your place of business they might talk to a few different people:

    THE OWNER: This is great for them because they just made it straight to the top. The owner usually knows everything about the business and wants to make sure every customer is impeccably taken care of. However, this means the owner is spending too much time working in this business instead of on the business.

    THE RECEPTIONIST: This is also a good choice. The receptionist is there to take calls. For the most part, they usually know what to say and are trained to make sure that each person is taken care of. The problem is that many businesses either don’t receive enough calls to afford a receptionist who can answer calls during all the hours that they need calls answered OR they receive more calls than a receptionist can handle on their own. When you work with Dedicated Solutions you only pay for what you need. Need to scale up? We are there for you. Only receiving a few calls a day? We have your back.

    But, unlike so many answering services, our team studies YOU. They do everything possible to emulate you and understand your processes and product lines so that when people call in someone who KNOWS your business will ALWAYS answer the phone promptly and efficiently.

    When you have knowledgable friendly people who understand your business and systems answering your phones in a timely manner it builds trust and confidence which is powerful for your business.

  • Better Results

    Whether it means taking orders, providing customer service or making appointments, our team works hard to take care of every single of the customers that come through our virtual doors. This means better results for you. More sales. More appointments. More clients. More growth.

  • Makes Your Customers Feel Special

    It is critical your customers feel special when talking to your business. This ensures they have a connection with you that they won’t have with your competition. Our expert virtual receptionists are trained to treat your customers like family.

  • Improved Communication

    Missed calls. Uninformed receptionists. Busy numbers. Voice mail. Then your customers call you, they expect someone knowledgable to answer the phone. At the least they expect a paid phone rep to answer and for most, this is tolerable.

We completely understand the typical stigma connected with using a phone answering service when that call service sounds like a call service.

Over and over our clients tell us how seamless our solution is for their industry and their processes and how their customers have no idea that we are answering service.

This is critical.

So, if you have been wary about utilizing an answering service because you were afraid they would sound like an answering service here in award. Dedicated office solutions is dedicated to not only serving you put sounding like you.