Customer Follow-Up

According to the Harvard business review the biggest complaint many customers have when communicating with businesses and sales associates is the lack of quality customer follow up. At Dedicated Office we provide our clients with pro quality customer follow-up to help ensure your customers had an impeccable experience with your business.

How Should You Follow Up With Customers?

This article on talks about 7 ways to follow up with your customers:

  • Set Expectations First: Be specific about how and when you will follow up with your customers so they know what to expect.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike: If there is a specific time of the year where your customers need help in a particular way reach out to them before they reach out to you.
  • Focus On After the Sale: Care about the customer and not just the sale. If you know it is likely they will need help with something specific, follow up!
  • Remember: Special anniversaries, dates or days that are special between you and your customers should be taken advantage of.
  • Get Personal: We can reach out with a special no-strings-attached offer that will let your customers know you care.
  • Be Special:
  • Empower Your Dedicated Staff to Make Their Own Decisions: You can let our virtual receptionists know if they have some flexibility to make special offers to your customers at will.

Whether you have customers who are struggling with support issues or you have potential customers who need to hear from you in order to close the sale follow up is a critical aspect of any business.

Additionally, acquiring positive ratings and reviews has become absolutely necessary for any type of business hoping to grow in the digital economy. Our team of virtual receptionists is can more than capable of reaching out and connecting with your customers after a sale or support incident to ensure that their experience was a positive one.

This small step could potentially turn into a positive review online. However, more importantly, it could prevent a devastating negative rating or review online.

At Dedicated Office, our virtual receptionists are highly skilled at following up with your valuable leads and customers to ensure your reputation is preserved and even improved upon.