Customer Reactivation Using Virtual Receptionists

What is Customer Reactivation?

We all know that it is much more expensive to go out and acquire new customers than it is to re-activate previous customers. Every customer every phone call every email you receive is a virtual Goldmine.

Companies that succeed at gaining repetitive business enjoy 76% of their revenue from returning customers. In many cases, it can cost as much as 7 times more to go out and get a new customer versus keeping a current one. This is where customer re-activation comes in. Customer reactivation is the process of reaching out to your current customer base in order to re-ignite the business relationship in such a way that it is likely to lead to a new purchase or referral.

How Can a Company Reactivate Their Customers?

There are a number of ways to re-activate those customers who you may have lost touch with. Email is one popular way to re-activate customers. However, one must be careful with email. Sending a lot of emails out to a cold email list has it’s dangers. If many of those recipients mark the emails as spam the entire domain or IP Address could be put on an email blacklist causing all of your emails to be rejected.

Another popular method of re-connecting is using social media. Facebook’s custom audience feature allows you to upload your entire email list and then directly target the people on that list with content or ads. This is a powerful and non-spammy way to re-connect with your audience.

One of the most powerful ways to re-activate your customers, especially your most valued customers is via the phone. Our virtual receptionist here dedicated office have the skills needed to reach out and touch these valuable contacts.

The Dedicated Office Way

Even if it is simply a friendly and kind voicemail with a special coupon or offer, by making these valuable contacts your business will stay top of mind in the psyche of your customers and leads. We will work with you to find the best way to rekindle that special relationship that may just need a little nudge.

Imagine the money you can save by simply reactivating the people that you already have made contact with versus attempting to go out and find qualified individuals and convincing them to come in to your sales final.

Interested in the re-activating your customer list? Reach out to dedicated office today.