Lead Scoring

Our virtual receptionists are not just glorified call takers. Nor are they single faceted. Our team members use what we call lead scoring to help you understand how cold, warm or hot the prospects that call your business are.

One of the strengths of our team is their ability to lead score when a potential client or customer calls into your business.

How Should You Score Your Leads?

According to HubSpot.com there are a number of ways you could be scoring your leads to make your sales efforts better.

  • Determine What Values You Wish to Score By:

    Different businesses might use different metrics to determine how they will score their leads. For example, a web design company might look at the size of the website, or whether or not there is an e-commerce component involved. On the other hand, if it is a Lawncare company they might look at the size of the yard or compare commercial and residential customers. Different businesses will compare different metrics. You need to decide what metrics are important for your business.

  • Set and Assign Point Values:

    Once you determine what values you wish to track you may want to assign point values to each value in order to come up with a score to pass on to your sales team. Our team at Dedicated can help you record this information from the phone call itself so that your team is immediately alerted to various sales opportunities.

It is critical for you to understand where in the buying process each caller is when they contact your business. Generally, you or one of your sales representatives or executives would take the call and ask some important questions to help you ascertain the purpose of the phone call as well as the customer’s location in your sales funnel.

How Can Dedicated Office Help You

Our team of virtual receptionists accurately gather this information for our clients every day by asking a number of highly relevant questions. These questions are meant to give you all the information that you need to understand whether this person is a cold or warm lead, whether they are a previous customer needing support or whether this is a critical issue that needs your fingerprint on it immediately.

We get it. We have customers too. We understand these various stages of customer interaction. You can trust Dedicated Office to ask the right questions at the right time.

But more importantly, you can trust us to pass the right answers on to you at the right time. We will do our very best to understand when you need to be alerted to an issue and when something can wait.

This process helps our clients focus on growing their business By helping them take care of the most important customers when it is needed most.