Order Taking

One of the services we provide as your Dedicated Office is Order Taking. Taking orders over the phone can be a significantly time-consuming task and can often mean the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business.

Why Should You Let Dedicated Office Take Your Orders?

There are a number of reasons you should allow our team of virtual receptionists to take your orders.

  • Save Time: When you allow our receptionists to take your orders for your you, it saves you time as you are able to spend the time you need building your business rather than talking on the phone.
  • Increase Revenue: Our virtual receptionists will help you increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Improve Customer Relationships: Our virtual receptionists work extremely hard to treat your customers as though they are their own customers. Our team works very hard to become your team learning the ins and outs of your products and business.

Let Our Team Be Your Team

This is one of the key factors that sets dedicated office from so many other answering services. Plus, our virtual receptionists understand and have the experience to go into any back end of any system, shopping cart or database and do anything from placing orders to entering support tickets to tracking orders for your customers.

Just imagine the in enormous amount time you will save and distraction you will eliminate by having our team of professionals handle your order taking for a nominal fee.

If there is an issue that our representatives cannot handle they can easily start a support ticket on behalf of the customer. This keeps the process seamless while still providing you with direct access to your customers and any of their escalated issues.

Talk to us today find out how we can take this burden off of your shoulders and free you up to scale your business.