Phone Surveys

Need to know what your clients really thought about your product or service? Want to understand their pain points in ways you haven’t previously? Want to get feedback or ideas on future products or services you’re thinking of offering? Phone surveys are a great way to find this information from the people that mean the most to your business, your customer base.

Why Utilize Phone Surveys

No one understands more than your customers what they need. By utilizing your dedicated office virtual receptionist you can garner critical Intel from your customers and clients that can help you out maneuver and out satisfy your competition.

According to there are a number of things to keep in mind when conducting phone surveys with your clients and customers.

  • Keep it Short: It shouldn’t take the respondent more than 10 minutes to answer your questionnaire, but in reality, they shorter the better. If you can narrow things down to the most critical question(s) this will be best.
  • Be Specific: Don’t ask open-ended questions. Try to make your question as to the point as you possibly can. This will ensure you get an accurate answer.
  • Be Consistent: Make sure all of your questions match up so you can get the best quality data out of your survey.
  • Run a Test: Run a test first to see what kind of responses you get. You may find you need to modify your questions or logic based on the first run of responses.

If phone surveys are done right, they are not seen as a nuisance by your customers and clients. Instead, they are seen as an additional way you as a business care.

Interested in determining the efficacy of a recent product rollout or wanting to have a better understanding of what your current clientele might think of an upcoming roll out? Let our team of pros help you!