Step 1: Introduce us to your business!

*Please complete the questionnaire below, as this information will help us customize your call handling. If you forget something or need to explain further - don't worry! We will train with you over the phone to review and role play before going live. We will put in as much time as is necessary to ensure that we fully understand our role in your company. Do your best, and we'll take it from there!

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1. Please tell us about your business, what services or products do you offer?

2. What are your days and hours of operation?

3. What is your business address?

3a. Is it okay to give this address to callers?    yesno

3b. Is this also your mailing address?     yesno

4. What numbers do clients call to reach you?

Will you keep your existing number and forward it to us?      yesno

Please Put That Number Here:

Will you publish a number we give you?      yesno

Do you need a toll-free number?      yesno

Do you need a local number in your area code?      yesno

If so, which area code?

5. Who are the main contacts associated with this account? (Please include their name, title, email, work number, and mobile number & carrier.)

6. Who should we be familiar with? (VIP Clients, Vendors, Etc)

7. Please share access information for your CRM, Calendar, Etc. We will review protocol during training. Include web addresses, usernames and passwords.

Will DOS place orders for you?     yesno

Will DOS schedule appointments for you?      yesno

Will DOS open and manage tickets for you?      yesno

Will DOS Manage other things for you?      yesno

Explain what other issues you want us to manage below:

8. Our hours are:

Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM – 8:00pm CST

Saturday: 9:00AM - 2:00PM CST

Please choose the protocol for outside of our business hours:

Do you want a voicemail with a custom greeting and messages emailed as a .wav file?      yesno

Do you want calls forwarded to another number?      yesno

9. What greeting would you like our agents to use when answering your calls?

For example: “Thank you for calling [company] how may I help you?”

10. Please choose all that apply for your answering service.
I’d like Dedicated Office to:

Take messages for all calls and never patch.      yesno

Take messages for all calls, but patch emergency calls to me.      yesno

Answer questions about product(s) and service(s).      yesno

Place customer orders (Please provide website(s) on question #7)      yesno

Schedule appointments. (Provide log in criteria on question #7)      yesno

Want us to qualify Leads?      yesno

Complete a form I provide     yesno

Additional details:

11. What information would you like us to collect from callers? (For example: name, phone number, availability, question or issue, etc.)

12. Would you like us to record a general voicemail for after hours, or do you have a preferred voicemail script you would like us to use?

Yes, a General Voicemail      yesno

12a. If general, the voicemail would be similar to this: Thank you for calling (company name), you have reached us after hours! Our normal business hours are (company hours). Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and the reason for your call, and your call will be returned during normal business hours. Thank you for calling and have a great day!

Do you have a preferred voicemail script?      yesno

12b. If yes, tell us your preferred voicemail script.

(For example: “state company name and hours, ask callers to leave a message")

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