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Dedicated Office’s answering service providing reception, customer service, and sales support for your small business.

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Being in the business of small businesses we are extremely easy to work with. We will exceed your expectations with exceptional service, while saving you thousands in overhead.

-Adi Campuzano, CEO and Founder

Let Dedicated Office be Your
Answering Service & Virtual Office


Are you missing potential business because you don’t have a consistent, reliable, and effective call answering solution? Are your customers frustrated because they can’t reach you when they need you?

Dedicated Office is the answering service solution that you’ve been looking for! Our dedicated teams of trained professionals will qualify leads, schedule appointments, process orders, explain products and services, relay messages, and more.

Our mission is to ensure your customer communication is flawless. Every time. We have a common-sense approach and affordable pricing. We know every call is an opportunity, and we help you acquire new customers by creating a great first impression. When it comes to pricing, we’ll always do the smartest thing for your business – that means no long term commitments and adjustable monthly plans that save you about 90% of the cost of hiring one person full-time.

  • Custom Greeting
  • Messages
  • Call Patching
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Placing Orders
  • Using CRM or any Web Based Systems
  • Entering Tickets
  • Explaining Products and Services
  • Customer Follow-up
  • Toll-free or local phone number for your business
  • 24 – 48 hour activation
  • A dedicated team that becomes your staff instantly
  • Agents experienced in both customer service and sales
  • Instant notification of messages via text and/or email
  • Daily summary report
  • No commitment required (month-to-month)
  • Time billed in 1 second increments, there are no minimums, and we never round-up

*One-Time Set Up Fee of $149 on all plans


This is an amazing service!

This is an amazing service! I highly recommend it and the company. People who know me call and ask “when did you hire new people” or they’ll say something like “tell Sergio I was only kidding when I….” All because the professional team and Dedicated Office gives a sense of being a part of my company. It saves me so much time which I can spend being more productive. I am so happy that Adi found me, it has made a huge difference to my sanity and my business. Thanks to Adi and her team for the wonderful job they do.

Corrine S.
Absolute Events

Professionalism, courtesy, efficiency… it’s a dream.

Hallo everybody!

I am writing to let you all know how impressed I am by the service. Professionalism, courtesy, efficiency… it’s a dream.

I also asked my clients about the interaction with “my people” and not one said anything less than positive!!

I am very very grateful to have you guys on board. You can definitely help my business grow!

Congratulations! Well done!!

Stefania M, Owner
Stef’s Therapeutic Bodywork

Thank you Adi.

Adi and all her staff are professionals that are not content to just provide you with someone to answer your phone but instead continue to work at providing a level of service that exceeds the service they gave to you last month. Thank you Adi.

Erik S.
Extended Horizons Scuba

What an amazing company

What an amazing company lead by 1 fantastic person, Adi Zachodin. If you are looking for an office solution then you have found the only one that makes sense in my book. Adi and her team are dedicated to giving you the highest level of service in the industry.

Joel C.
Security Solutions

Remarkable service

Dedicated office solutions is a remarkable service that I have been using for the past 6 years. The customer service reps are professional and are trained to know your account. I would recommend this service to anyone that needs a Virtual Assistant.

Angela A.

I highly recommend them

I have used this company for a few years and the service is excellent. I wish more companies offering these services had their staff trained with the same care, compassion and professionalism as Dedicated Office. I highly recommend them. I love their ability to do the job and see it through to my satisfaction. It speaks volumes. Thank you Adi and thank you to all those who have helped my company grow.

Amanda K
Baby Envision 4D Ultrasounds

We count on Dedicated Office

When we’re busy saving lives at FASTEX AED, we can count on the professional team at Dedicated Office Services to answer calls and provide quality service to our customers.

Fran R

Sales are up and I owe it to dedicated office!

Dedicated office is more than amazing. They’ve helped improve my business tremendously. My customers cannot stop saying good things about their service. Sales are up and i owe it to dedicated office! Thanks guys…

Giovanni Y.

Our own personal Johnny on the spots!

Our own personal Johnny on the spots! We love it! And our clients love having their calls answered by people instead of voice mail!

Michelle F.

I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them

Dedicated is Awesome. I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them. They play good pretend, like they are there in the office with me. They are dedicated to learning my business, my products and my customers needs. They are more fluid and adapt easily unlike a traditional call center. They build a relationship with my customers. They do so much more than I could ask from a new hire. I have 6 trained people to learn my products and talk to my customers for a quarter of what I would pay 1 employee in my actual office. Look no further, Dedicated is your new, very capable, front office. Thank you, Dedicated you all are the best.

Katie H.
Celebration Saunas

Everyone ALWAYS goes above and beyond

Destini, what would I do without you and everyone at DOS? I can tell you, DROWN!
Thank you so much, you and everyone ALWAYS go above and beyond with the eager to please attitude! It is a real quality company over there.

Foundation Repair Company in N. Dallas