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The Dedicated Office team is the perfect front line for my home services clients who need extra help setting appointments and handling new requests. Seriously the skill they have on the phone and the fact they are all US-based is what makes them second to none! The customer service has always been outstanding, they will go the extra mile for you. Couldn't recommend this team enough! Thanks DOS
Midtown Chimney Sweeps
We here at Midtown Chimney Sweeps are excited to announce that Dedicated Office Solutions has been a huge help to us throughout the past year helping us book jobs and quotes and educated our customers on the importance of fireplace and chimney maintenance.
Julian Burca
Lead Multipliers
Adi's team is quality, and I just can't recommend them enough.
Steve M.
AA Insurance
You guys have done your job and I'm sure excited to see where this can go
Tox Doc on Call
Dedicated Office can handle my schedule and phone calls so that I can focus on what I love best!

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Everyone ALWAYS goes above and beyond
What would I do without everyone at DOS? I can tell you, DROWN!Thank you so much, you and everyone ALWAYS go above and beyond with the eager to please attitude! It is a real quality company over there.
Foundation Repair Company in N. Dallas
I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them
Dedicated is Awesome. I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them. They play good pretend, like they are there in the office with me. They are dedicated to learning my business, my products and my customers needs. They are more fluid and adapt easily unlike a traditional call center. They build a relationship with my customers. They do so much more than I could ask from a new hire. I have 6 trained people to learn my products and talk to my customers for a quarter of what I would pay 1 employee in my actual office. Look no further, Dedicated is your new, very capable, front office. Thank you, Dedicated you all are the best.
Katie H.
Celebration Saunas
Our own personal Johnny on the spots!
Our own personal Johnny on the spots! We love it! And our clients love having their calls answered by people instead of voice mail!
Michelle F.
Celebration Saunas